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29-Jan-2011 Wet Weather Downsides
21-Jan-2011 Dry Stone Retaining walls faired well in floods
12-Jan-2011 Local builder acquiries more lifting power


12-Jan-2011   -   Local builder acquiries more lifting power
Retaining wall builder Rolly Otte has entered the heavyu lifting game with his recent purchase of an 8 ton mobile crane for those big boulder lifting jobs. The crane is an all-terrain wheeled articulated vehicle capable of lifting rocks and boulders so big that only two can be fitted into a large tipper.

Several of Addrock`s most recent jobs have addressed demands for truly imposing very large boulders used as parts of feature walls in landscaped gardens.

Mr Otte noted that there is a growing demand for a more natural rough-hewn look by prestige property owners and large rocks placed in architectually pleasing ways can yield stunning effects.

"Moving very large boulders requires specialised equipment and skills but the results are timeless and spectacular" he said after putting his new 8 ton crane to the test.

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